About Us

We work with cnc since 2006 and since that time we have been solving the toughest manufacturing challenges helping sign makers, woodworkers and general fabricators with their production needs. Our CNC equipment is designed to route, carve, drill, and engrave in wood, plastic, foam, aluminum and other materials for a wide range of applications.

Our company  meets the needs of all production shops with a full line of equipment for all size companies and budgets, including CNC material handling systems, vacuum pumps and accessories to complete your system. It has provided great value in our CNC routers by delivering both high quality and economy.


All CNC Routers are constructed using the highest quality components. The use of these reputable products results in a durable machine that provides superior cut quality, while requiring minimal maintenance. Our models include features such as ball screws on all three axes, linear rails and bearings, automatic tool changer spindles, brushless AC servo motors, high precision stepper motors and drives, a PC based Osai industrial CNC controller, easy to learn and operate Windows® based Servo G-Code Interface and open architecture that works with all industry standard CAD/CAM software.

Whether your business is Sign Making, Woodworking, Plastics, Foam, Prototyping, Model Making, Musical Instruments or Education, we are is ready to serve you.




Our company  offer s a full range of 2D, 3D axis CNC cutting and routing. With an extensive background in both CAD and CAM, CNC Projects was formed to provide a straightforward and quick response CNC routing service accessible to all.

We are always able to combine the best quality of work with competitive prices of CNC wood cutting and routing services!

Our CNC machines operate with up to 3 x 2 metre beds, complete with automated tool change. Just send over your drawing files to our team for a fast costing. Whether you have a CAD file ready or even just a sketch, we offer a CAD service that can help take your design from paper to machine.


Fast and quality services
Our main goal is to minimise the time of project completion while always keeping the quality at the same, highest level. The machines we use and experience of our team is a guarantee we will match your expectations.
We complete both small and large projects! You get competitive prices, fast turnaround and high flexibility.